Friday, March 06, 2009


These were the jumping-off point when I realised I was likely to have a busy craft fair schedule for 2009 - a bunch of eclectic bead strings grouped by colour and featuring all the fun lamp glass beads I'd not been able to slot in anywhere else.

There's at least a dozen little stories hidden in this photo - the big red clay square from the beading carousel my parents bought me from Costco last year, the purple foil glass discs I bought in the form of five or six bracelets from the local charity shop, the little 4mil glass rounds in midnight blue that I still think are the prettiest colour I ever saw... I could go on about these forever. There's even some in here from the first bag of lamp glass beads I ever bought, from the British Heart Foundation shop next to the Etna restaurant in Coventry city centre. Back then, I had no idea what I was getting into.

Of course, some beads are more special than others, and so are some necklaces. Take a look at the second necklace from the bottom? It's another very simple design, chiefly because I thought the featured beads spoke for themselves. Discover their story at

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