Friday, March 06, 2009

...Y'see, I swore I wouldn't get into the whole pendant thing. Pendants are for people who can do clever stuff with wire - stuff like cutting the ends of it in a manner that won't draw the wearer's blood.

It starts in such tiny ways, doesn't it? I'm not terribly confident with elastic, either, and it didn't really seem like such a huge deal to apply an extender chain to make a bracelet fit nicely. Out of extender chains? They're awfully expensive, aren't they? Why not simply buy a length of chain to cut up and make my own? Chain arrives but won't fit the bracelet clasps? Well, I have to do something with it, don't I?

I should probably mention at this point that the wastage of a couple of quid would not have flung me into penury.

I should probably also mention that these pendants contain no sharp ends - just glass, semiprecious stones, wood and these really funky little wire spirals I make with one twist of the round-ended pliers and then some clever stuff with the pad of my thumb.

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